A Mug’s Game

Laughykate said it first. She turned to my post on Saturday and said “I read this post and all I saw was FORTY-THREE comments!!!” This now stands at 52 (one of which was simply replying to her) and is by far the most that I have ever received.

There are a couple of reasons for this, of course. One is that it was part of Six Word Saturday, in which an increasing number of people participate each week and we all comment on what each other has written, so I will always get more comments for these posts than for others.

Another is that I got up at 7am on Saturday, mostly because my friend Goldeneyes is on holiday in New York and I was anxious to see how the hurricane was affecting the city and her (she’s fine), but by posting at that time I got to be second on the 6WS list (what time do you get up at, Tilly?), so obviously more of the others read it than would have if I had done my post very last thing on Saturday night.

The third reason (“couple” is a word that can mean anything) is that, as you may have noticed, I am trying these days to reply to comments. The fact that I rarely did this before has always been a source of guilt to me, when people go to the trouble of saying something they deserve the recognition of a reply. The problem is that people rarely come on here and say “this post sucks monkey nuggets” ( a phrase from this Six Word Saturday post which I swore I would use sometime), everyone tends to be very kind and complimentary, and there are only so many ways in which you can reply “thank you, glad you liked it”.

Anyway, I am trying. This means that 26 of the 52 comments are mine, which does take some of the gloss off it. It’s like friending yourself on Facebook.

Fourthly (“couple” is a word ….) the real star of the post was the mug. I defy any blogger not to love it, and not to comment profusely about that love.

But it does make me wonder if this blog is going in the wrong direction. Perhaps there is a huge potential readership out there desperate for a blog devoted to tableware. I may test this over the coming weeks, whenever I can think of nothing to say. I can post pictures of my Yellow Submarine mug, my United Nations mug, my Betty Boop mug and my Monk mug (my family think I act like him sometimes). I can post pictures of the china tea-set that we were given for our wedding (assuming that I can find it, since of course it has never been used). I can post a picture of Tinson2’s Hogwarts mug, my “I Love My Daddy” mug and Mrs Tin’s “World’s Greatest Mum” mug.

I can then move onto our plates, our bowls and our saucers (of which we only have one or two, since we are a mug family and we don’t have a cat).

After that it will be on to cutlery, which will give me a chance to show once again this picture, from a post from nearly three years ago:

It’s what happens to a knife when you try to unblock an office shredder with it while the shredder is still running.

Considering my heart is run by a small metal box full of electrical impulses, it may not have been the brightest thing I ever did.

13 thoughts on “A Mug’s Game

  1. Janie Jones

    I went to look into ordering my very own Go Away, I’m Blogging mug, and had a heart attack when I saw what they were charging. Guess I’ll have to settle for mug envy.

    1. Tinman Post author

      Photocopy the picture of mine (actually, Grannymar has a much better picture of the mug on her blog) then sellotape it to a normal mug.

      Actually, do that lots of times and give them to your friends for Christmas.

    1. Tinman Post author

      I have kept the knife, Grannymar, on a shelf beside my desk, and even now, three years later, whenever they discuss Health and Safety at work someone will say, “Tinman, get your knife and show it to them”.

    1. Tinman Post author

      Thank you, Kate. I am open to sponsorship from any crockery or cutlery coming that may be reading this, by the way.

  2. laughykate

    ‘…since we are a mug family and we don’t have a cat).’

    Heh, I can just see you telling Tingirl, ‘No darling we can’t get a kitten, we’ve simply got too many mugs.’

  3. Tinman Post author

    Well, it would just be cruel to watch a kitten with its head stuck in a mug trying to get at the milk.

    Yet funny.

    I wonder would Tingirl like a kitten?


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