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Wherever It May Take Me

It’s 6.30 on a Sunday evening.

Most people are relaxing before work tomorrow, splodged in front of the TV watching something mentally untaxing, usually involving judges telling somebody that they are useless at something.

Not me, because I’m starting to write again.

So I have the TV off, and am sitting in front of the computer, looking up stuff about camels.

Blogging takes me to strange places.

Home Improvement

Regular readers (by which I mean people who often visit this blog, not people who have a monthly subscription to National Geographic) will have noticed that the layout has changed a number of times over the last few weeks. Like many homeowners (and this is my home, at least spiritually) feel the need to re-decorate every now and then, if only to hide the wine stains on the carpet and paint over the crayon drawings on the walls. It can be tedious explaining why, after drinking so much wine that you dropped your glass, you decided to try to draw Wonder Woman on your wall.

The advantage of re-decorating a blog is that you simply have to select a theme from among the hundreds available, and if you decide after a few days that you don’t like it you simply opt for another one. House re-decoration requires more thought, because if you find that the paint colour referred to on the tin as “Summer Sky” is in fact a leaden grey, then you are stuck with the feeling that you are living inside a submarine for the next five years.

Anyway, I’ve settled on this one. It’s brigh and has all the of the features, such as a list of all of your comments, that I like. It also has a “Follow” button (no pressure, I’m just saying) and it informs me that I have 825 followers. What number do I need to officially qualify as a cult leader?

And the photo at the top of the blog? Sorry, I haven’t figured out yet how to change it.

It’s a picture, by the way, of the en-suite of the guest bedroom in the left wing of the Tinhouse.

A Week Of WordPress, Day 7

WordPress want me to write about the topic I normally blog about as if I were a music critic. What I mostly blog about is me…


Tinman’s opera Worth Doing Badly is a piece written in many movements. In other words he writes on the bus both to and from work.

It opens with a long solo of maybe six months, during which he performs unaccompanied. Over time he is joined by a small but wonderful chorus, from all over the world.

He makes extensive use of the organ, that organ being his heart, as during the oft repeated theme “mio busto metallica, repetione?” (“I have a pacemaker, have I mentioned that before?”). The percussion section is much to the fore here, as he keeps banging on and on about it.

The piece has many bold sections, never more so than during the aria “mi multi bradpittzi” (“I am a Stud Muffin”). The brass section is particularly evident here, mostly in his neck, and in the blowing of his own trumpet.

The part played throughout by the wind section cannot be underestimated.

The strings hold the whole thing together, though only barely.  Some parts are “allegro”, meaning that he wrote them in a hurry. Most of the work is falsetto.

He keeps away from the very lowest part of the range. For example in this very piece here he has resisted the urge to use the word “flute”.

My enjoyment of the piece would have been improved by greater use of the Harp. Or possibly the Guinness. Any drink I could have got my hands on really.

I think that Tinman should attempt a ballet next.

If you want to see a load of balls, then he is definitely your man.

The Spotless Mind


I have discovered over recent days that I have a readership that I never knew about.

Members of my family including my dad, my brother and my niece have started reading the blog, and while they probably don’t hang on my every word, at least they don’t hang the posts on a nail as toilet paper, though this may simply be because we no longer have outdoor loos in Ireland (you should all come here, we have street-lighting and stuff as well).

They have also told friends, who have told friends, who have told friends.

Using the Six Degrees of Separation Theory, Barrack Obama should be a keen fan by about next Tuesday.

Needless to say I am thrilled by this. And needless to say my brain has frozen, and not in a whole-tub-of-ice-cream-in-one-go type of way.

I am conscious that the friends told by the friends told by the friends will come here, see that I have started skipping days and that on the days that I do write I write riveting articles about my eyesight, and that I may soon be reduced to writing eye-catching articles about rivets.

Using the Six Degrees of Separation Theory, by about next Tuesday Barrack Obama will think that I am an idiot.

On The Fringe

I’ve written here before that for my 99th post I mentioned my crush, when I was young, on Agent 99 from the original TV Series of Get Smart.

Since these were the days before SOFA and FIFA I published this picture

which I think it’s OK to publish here again since Google Images directed me to my own original post.

I’ve also written before that every week several people come here having searched for “Agent 99” or for “Agent 99 Get Smart”. I’m sure that they leave quite disappointed.

Though probably not as disappointed as the person who came here this week after typing “get smart hairstyle”.

Another Year Older

When I published my 1,000 post a couple of months ago, I included this drawing:

Some of you were less than complimentary. Pseu reckoned it was a fuzzy fez, Viv thought it was a hairbrush, Tilly said it was a steaming dog bowl. All quite insulting and, even more annoyingly, funnier than anything I had written in the actual post.

It’s what started my Weekly Drawing Challenge, where I resolved to draw WordPress’s photo topic each week.

This is the first chance I’ve had to draw something for a second time, the first chance to see if I’m getting any better. So you can decide for yourselves whether this cake (yes, cake) is better than the last one:

Before you all get your evil commenting pens out, let me be the first to admit, now that I look more closely at it, that it does resemble the Titanic after a heavy lunch.

Anyway, why have I set myself up for a good slagging again?

Because my blog is four years old today.

A Vote of Confidence

If you ever feel that your blog is actually quite good, that you’re entertaining people all over the world and that you write articles that are stimulating and interesting, then let me tell you that it’s a bit disillusioning discovering that one of the searches that brought someone to your blog this week was “zzzz”.

Apparently I am the internet equivalent of a nice bedtime mug of cocoa.

Drawing It Out

I’m sure you’ll all agree that it’s time for a post that doesn’t mention my Drawing Challenge. This, sadly, will not be it.

I have discovered a small problem with the task. My normal blogging modus operandi is to write something on the bus on the way to work, and then on the way home hone it, refine it (I’m still trying to decide whether the bit of Latin makes me look like a twerp), or decide that it’s shite and scrap it altogether.

This does not work with the Drawing Challenge. It has to be done in two stages, the text on the bus and the artwork (no, seriously) at home. This is because my fellow passengers (and they are pretty well the same people every morning) already suspect that I’m mad, not just because my typing seems to consist mostly of hitting the backspace button at the speed of a machine-gun, or because last year my hair was blue, but mainly because every few months I get off the bus six stops early, right outside Dublin’s best known mental institution.

I have no intention of confirming their suspicions by taking out a notebook and a load of child’s markers, and trying to draw the Titanic.

Membership Badge

Those of you who read the stuff on the sidebar down the right-hand side of this blog, perhaps on the basis that it’s more interesting than the content to its left, will notice that WordPress have produced a new badge reading “I’m Part of Postaday 2012”, with whichI have replaced the 2011 version. I’ve done this somewhat shamefacedly, since this is Day 36 of 2012 and this post, which I hadn’t even written at the time I did it, will only be my 24th, but I’m hoping its presence will help prevent laziness and encourage me to write more.

To counter the embarrassment of using a Badge I’m not yet really entitled to I’ve also decided to use one to which I most definitely am, so I have spent enormous amounts of today creating the Badge below:





Now I just have to remember how to get it onto the sidebar.

(Ok, ignore the last sentence….)