About Tinman

I’m now in my 60’s, live in Co Wicklow, and work in Dublin city centre. The name Tinman (full name Tinman18) comes from the fact that I have a pacemaker, and from the fact that in 2007 my heart once stopped for 18 seconds which, well, is why I have a pacemaker (you can read the whole thrilling tale by clicking the “The Birth of Tinman” link in the categories section further down on the right). I’m engaged in a long-term prize-fight against Depression. Generally I kick its ass, but occasionally it wins a couple of rounds. At the moment I’m suffering from Derealisation, a condition where I feel like I’m in a bubble and everything seems to be happening a slight distance away. It’s like being permanently drunk, and this is not as much fun as it sounds.

In short (oh, I’m quite short too), I’m a mess.

But on the other hand…

I have a lovely wife (the long-suffering Mrs Tin), and three wonderful Tinkids now all in their twenties, I own my own house, I have a job and workfriends that I really like, a local pub that is the source of both companionship and material, and the realisation that on balance I’m well ahead.

The blog title is from GK Chesterton’s saying “Anything worth doing is worth doing badly”.

I think this blog is worth doing, so I’m doing it as badly as I can.


42 thoughts on “About Tinman

  1. Vicky Rogers

    great to meet you tinman and thanks for the comment on my blog. i always find it really interesting to tell interesting stories to people who actually want to listen and to those who actually give a damn.

    Well bye for now and just remember your secret is save with me clark.

  2. tinman18 Post author

    That would explain the ringing in my ears, PCB, which I thought was just Coldplay on my iPod.

    By chance I’d decided to write about it today, since I’ve a check-up later this morning, but short version just for you:

    Last byear I kept blacking out, so after a load of tests they gacve me a heart monitor, & when they read it they found my heart kept slowing & sometimes stopping altogether – on one occasion when I was asleep it stopped for 18 seconds.

    So now I have a pacemaker, hence the tin part.

  3. tinman18 Post author

    Nah, but there was always a lot of yelling going on in whatever kind of dreamland I was in, which may have been me fighting with myself.

    I do remember bursting awake that night & thinking “Jesus, that one was really bad”.

  4. The Saint

    I thought I was the only one with a head full of cotton wool.
    I’ve included a link to your blog on mine. I hope that’s ok – if not, let me know and I’ll rectify it as soon as poss.

    Thanks and “Keep plugging away!” (That’s often my mantra…)

  5. tinman18 Post author

    Of course it’s ok, Saint, thanks.

    I’ve read a couple of your posts and I’ll read some more later (I’m at work now), but you take care of yourself too.

    (“Deep breath, Keep calm, Carry on!”)

  6. Patti

    Hello! I’ve been lurking around here after finding your blog while browsing among the “postaday2011” offerings. I think it was “worth doing badly” that got my attention – and a fine job you’re doing of it. Not that you’re doing badly…unless maybe that’s what you intended to do, in which case you are doing it badly – which maybe was the original point. At any rate, I like reading your posts, even though I never have anything particularly interesting to say afterwards – kind of like now.

  7. Tinman Post author

    Thank you, Patti, and you’re very welcome along. And there’s nothing uninteresting about your comment, it’s very funny.

    1. Patti

      Thanks for saying so – I’m always glad when people I think are funny think I’m funny – especially when I’m trying to be.

  8. Thug in a cocktail dress

    Tinman…interesting how you got your name!
    So seriously: I am going to have the tshirt made in your honour! What size?
    And if you trust enough for me to have your mailing address, I’ll have the shirt made and send it your way!
    Trust me: I don’t have enough money to visit outside of the US, so no worries about me being a stalker or anything.
    Just sayin.
    email: jdwheeler09@gmail.com
    Once you get this message, feel free to delete it from your message board. I didn’t know your email…sorry!

  9. xtrekki

    The only thing missing from the blog is, of course, how to subscribe. Although I do have some Luddite tendencies and perhaps just do not understand the instructions!

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  11. margo roby

    Nice to meet you. I caught your name in a recent article on WordPress, and saw it again today on ViV’s [of France] blog. Taking it as a sign, I visited. Between [should be among but it sounds so wrong] the Depression battle, the tinkids, Chesterton, and your general feistiness, I wanted to say hello. Am now off for, I suspect, a lovely laugh, as I wander your blog.


  12. Kellie Kennedy

    I hear ya. 1 year ago I collasped at parents with a heart issue severe atrial arrythmia with heart stopping long enough to have have peramedics ready for the old paddles. I have a heart monitor implant. Similar to a pace maker. But mine will be kept in for 2 years. I can send info back to cardiology dept when I feel it skip etc. I am 50 hears young. It is amazing technology!

    1. Tinman Post author

      Hi Kellie

      It is amazing what they can do, isn’t it? I was actually getting the heart monitore implant put in when I had one of my blackouts, so they decided to skip that stage. So glad it worked out for you.

  13. Barbara

    Have you come out of that glass bubble yet? It was 2008. I used to live in one of those. It was awful. If I get anywhere close to feeling like that now I turn up my music real loud & go hug someone till they hurt! It’s too scary to contemplate. Hope you are free. ❤

  14. Barbara

    Loud music is the best, really loud… On repeat…. Use headphones… Or wait till you have the house to yourself & sing along. Your Absoloute favourite music from age 16/17 is the best.

    And then hugs 🙂

    David Bowie full volume does it for me, or certain songs ‘Nothing compares to you-sinead’ ‘the ballad of Lucy Jordan, Marrianne Faithful’ ‘the drugs don’t work, the verve’ ‘everybody hurts REM’ …. oasis does it for my daughter…

  15. Kathy

    I know I’ve read that Chesterton quotation elsewhere, but this is the first time I’ve really understood it. If I worked on that principle, I would accomplish more. Thank you. ~ Kathy (another mess)

    Would it be possible to subscribe to your blog via email?

  16. exlibriswanderer

    One of my favorite Chesterton quotes EVER. Just so you know. Glad to meet you! Are you on Twitter, perchance? I like to give shoutouts to my VisDare writers now and then. 🙂

  17. Cassandra

    Hello Tinman. I don’t know how I came across your blog,just last night. I’m glad I did because it’s very interesting and enjoyable. I plan to read lots more of your posts.

    We have a lot in common, as it happens, apart from the fact that I’m Irish and live in Dublin. I’m also know something of Wicklow, as I’ve done a lot of walking there.

    Note: Tinman, I’m using the name “Cassandra” as I don’t wish my own name to be displayed on your blog. Please delete if necessary. Good luck !


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