Don’t Worry That It’s Not Good Enough

“Burmese musicians performing at the Shwedagon Pagoda in 1895.” Public domain photo by Philip Adolphe Klier.

This is the photo prompt for Fire&Ice 10 –  89 words exactly, and include a student or a roadworker…


They began as a four-piece – Nyan and Thet on flute, Pemala on xylophone, Mima on triangle. Their sound, like Wagner played on a jewellery box, ice-picked in your brain and maddened nearby dogs.

They had no collection hat. There was no point.

Then Nyan left to train as a monk and, though they tried carrying on with Thet covering Nyan’s notes, they eventually packed away their instruments, and their dreams.

But Thet later found success in New Orleans jazz clubs, where a nickname like Two Flutes was practically obligatory.

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