Woman Pushes a Wheelchair. Hitsuiayama Park, Japan. CC2.0 photo by Ajari

Fire&Ice week 11 – use this photo, write 185-195 words and include an unexpected joy or an unexpected sorrow…


Normally he would propel himself, but today Nikko was tired.

And besides, he was texting.

So Hiromi pushed him, pushing herself through dark memories. Of that day, the harmless looking fall. But a severed cord, a severed future – the ball not kicked, the tune not danced.

The light gone from his eyes. His retreat, to deep within himself.

And the bewildered anger of his little sister.

“He won’t play with me.”

“Why does he just sit there?”

“Why is he always grumpy?”

And then

“I hate him.”

Over time the light returned. He began to push himself. There are two meanings to that phrase.

And today he won a race. The green medal-ribbon danced at his neck as his thumbs sped news of his success to his friends.

He had friends again.

Behind them, Hana skipped as she chattered.

“Did you see him? Did you see him fight off that boy on the bend? Did you see how fast he was?”

And then

“My brother’s the best.”

Nikko’s neck turned blossom-pink. His thumbs paused. Hiromi’s breath caught as he turned, looked into Hana’s eyes, and smiled.

“So is my sister.”

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