Going West

Tinson1 sets off tomorrow to University College Galway to do a Masters in Medical Physics. Galway is on the very far side of the country.

Now this, of course, is Ireland, so we can practically see the far side of the country from our kitchen window. In terms of distance it’s not exactly Moscow to Vladivostok, but being away is measured more in mind than in miles. He’s moving out, even if only for a year.

We are taking this as any close-knit family would. Mrs Tin is planning to use his room as a Craft-room for her quilting, I’m going to type my blog from his desk and Tinson2 has already swiped his chair.

We are also quite enjoying that fact that, while he knew his work would involve studying radiation therapy and such-like, he never realised that he would have to work with dead bodies.

This does not mean that he will have a zombie as a study partner, although I think he’d rather that it did.

Anyway, he has found a house to share and is really looking forward to it.

It’s not like emigration in the 50s, of course. There are phones, there is Skype, and of course there is every student’s greatest fear, the odd weekend visit from your parents.

He’ll go there and study hard, because that’s what he does. I hope he finds time to enjoy himself too, that he has a really great time.

All the best, son. We’re proud of you and love you as always.

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