With Knitted Brow

My Tuesday Writers Group have started bringing along objects to act as prompts. Last week a girl brought these samples of her knitting and sewing, to prompt pieces about art and about craft.
I wasn’t there, but on looking at our private website the following day I saw that one of us had removed the piece he had written, saying that he had taken it down having been told that it might be slanderous. I put a comment under his now blank post (surely a piece of art in itself) asking how it is possible to slander knitting, but even as I typed those words I knew that I was going to try…


Purl’s a singer. That’s what the song says, but that’s just embroidering the facts. Look for a thread of truth and the whole yarn soon unravels. She sometimes uses a Singer sewing machine, but that’s it.

It would be easier to get a camel through the eye of a needle, (though I can think of no reason why you’d want to) than to get that sew-and-sew into the kingdom of heaven.

Because she does indeed work in a nightclub, and her job is indeed entertaining folks. The kind of folks, though, are seedy old men who sit eagerly in front of the stage (sweaters, we call them) while she drops her stitches. By the end of her act she hasn’t got a stitch on.

You can see her bobbins and everything.

6 thoughts on “With Knitted Brow

  1. Janie Jones

    I giggled though the whole thing, which was brilliant, but I can’t see it being called slanderous. I am totally curious what your fellow workshop writer thought was too awful to leave on your private website, too. How does one slander knitting?

    1. Tinman Post author

      It seems he didn’t slander knitting, he made unkind references to a particular artist. Since I was able to guess which artist it was without him telling me, I’m not sure it’s slander, since part of the offence is damaging the reputation of the person concerned.


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