Prompt Reply

The WordPress Daily Prompt is back!

All through 2011 WordPress (in fairness, trying to help us all) suggested a writing topic each day. These were often daft and were often derided mercilessly, mostly by Tilly Bud and myself.

(Indeed last June I predicted that they would be desperate for ideas by the end of the year, and suggested this list of topics for December:)

1st. If you were a cat, what kind of cat-food would you eat?
2nd. Describe the socks you’re wearing right now.
3rd. Weekly Photo Challenge: Despair.
4th. Was Little Jimmy Osmond crap or what?
5th. Which of your legs is your favourite?
6th. Humor or humour? Does your blog have either?
7th. Describe a jigsaw puzzle you once made.
8th. Ear lobes. Why?
9th. Will this year ever be over?
10th. Weekly Photo Challenge: Women’s Bums (bonus: if you don’t get slapped).
11th. Bloggers are gobshites who can’t think up their own topics. Discuss loudly, after twelve cans of beer.
12th. Do you like the smell of tarmac on a hot day?
13th. Why did the fourth little piggy get no roast beef?
14th. Do you think it’s easy making up 365 topics? Well, do you?
15th. Describe your most recent haircut.
16th. Write about Pirates of the Caribbean 4 without using the words “utter” or “crap”.
17th. Weekly Photo Challenge: Hold your thumb over the lens.
18th. Were you popular at school? Why not?
19th. How big is Uruguay?
20th. Not worth a hill of beans. What does that actually mean?
21st. No-one reads what you write. You know that, don’t you?
22nd. Write about the back of your head.
23rd. Chestnuts roasting on an open fire. How do you get them out?
24th. Weekly Photo Challenge: Santa (no, the real one).
25th. Oh, give me a break, you’re not seriously all here today too?
26th. Write about the worst present you got yesterday (bonus: name and write nasty things about the present-giver).
27th. Describe your left thumb.
28th. How many Star Wars movies can you name? (bonus: what does that tell you about yourself)?
29th. Just what was so wrong with the post about the dead puppies?
30th. Are you counting down the seconds to New Year as eagerly as I am?
31st. Do you think we’re going to have a Postaday 2012? Are you mad?

(I apologise for filling most of today’s post with another one, it’s a bit like inviting yourself along as a guest blogger, but the clock went back, or forward, or sideways this morning and I’m suffering from jet-lag without ever having left my house).

Anyway, to the delight of Tilly and I they have decided to brave our scorn (or have never heard of us) and are having another go this year.

Since I only found this out on the second day I am tackling the first two together. The first was “write about the most precious thing you’ve ever lost and the second was “what’s the one thing you hope people never say about you?”.

The most precious thing I’ve ever lost, of course, was the WordPress daily prompt, leaving my mind like a desert, dotted with only the occasional oasis of creative thought.

What I would least like people to say about me, though, is that I am lost without the daily prompt.

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