Hi Ho, Hi Ho

Tinson2 did indeed find a Work Experience job and it does indeed involve him calling into the pub.

He is not being used for entrapment purposes, however, he is simply working in my local.

And he organised it all himself. He was in the car with Mrs Tin and Tingirl last week, they were passing my local and he said “stop here, I’m going in to ask them will they give me work experience.” He came back out so quickly that the girls assumed he’d been told no, but in fact the owner, once he’d said he was Tinson1’s brother, told him to come in yesterday morning at 10.30.

He worked there until two. They got him to sweep outside the front, and then put out the tables, chairs and ashtrays (ever since the smoking ban was introduced here all pubs and cafes put tables and chairs outside for smokers, making us look like Paris, though without the sunshine. Or the warmth. Or the lack of a howling wind). Then they set him to washing all the glasses. He emerged thrilled with himself, and set off happily again this morning.

The two weeks will be an important learning experience for him, getting himself up and in on time, learning to take instructions, learning to work carefully and diligently for as long as he’s there.

It’s part of him growing up, and all I can say is fair play to my local’s owner for letting him do it.

3 thoughts on “Hi Ho, Hi Ho

  1. Jo

    That’s great – the only thing is – when I was 15 or 16, I’m fairly sure a lot of my friends were doing actual lounge work, as oppposed to lounge work experience. I don’t think you need to be too grateful to your landlord, he’s getting a good deal!


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