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To Caesar What Is Caesar’s

Caesar Septemberus

Augustus had been the latest of the Caesar brothers to go, following an accident involving a Roman candle and a trailing hem on his toga, so Caesar Septemberus, although originally only IXth in line to the throne, discovered that he’d been born destined to become Emperor of Rome.

He emerged from Caesars’ Palace, mounted the Plinth of Power, held aloft the Rod of Lightning and the Pigeon of Homing, then stared in astonishment at the empty square.

“There’s no-one coming,” said Nero from behind him. “I’m staging a coup.”

“Coo,” said Satnavus, the pigeon. They ignored him.

“The people won’t back you,” said Caesar. “They are loyal to me.”

Nero looked out at the square. “So I see,” he said.

“I will offer them bread, and circuses, and a really delicious salad that I invented myself,” said Caesar.

Nero shrugged. “I’ll offer them pizza,” he said. “They are Italian, remember.”


The photo above was the prompt for this week’s Flash! Friday competition, and is “The Statue of the Republic @ the Court of Honor and Grand Basin”.