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On Twitter

I’ve won a competition!

The James Bond parachuting story that I wrote last week won the Flash! Friday contest that I entered it in. You can read the really nice comments the judge made about it here, if you feel like helping me feed my ego.

As part of my prize I won a badge which I will put on my blog whenever I stop having to work thirteen hour days (sometime around mid-May, then) and I had to give a sixty-second interview, answering ten questions in twenty words or less per question. This appeared on the Flash! Friday blog yesterday, and you can read it here, if you feel like feeding my ego.

I enter a number of these competitions now, since I’m really enjoying the challenge of writing to a specified word-limit, since I love looking at a photo prompt and trying to think of an angle no-one else will think of, and since I can’t think of any story ideas of my own at the moment. My only problem is that each one asks for your Twitter handle. This was a drawback for me, since I didn’t have a Twitter account and would have thought that a Twitter handle was something for opening a bird-cage, in the same way that Matlock keeps your wig on during windy weather.

But I opened one, @TinmanDoneBadly, and now have a small problem. The other people who participate in these contests have started following me on Twitter, and don’t I tweet anything.

They must feel like those people who believed that the world was going to end on December 21st 2012 felt on December 22nd.

In my defence, I have posted one or two tweets. When I started I wrote about, well, the fact that I had started, and am very proud of the fact that the last full stop brought me to exactly 140 characters. What I’m not so proud of is that I wasn’t sure if it had posted it or not, so I typed it again and sent it again. They’re both there now, which you can look at if you like, should you feel that my ego has had enough feeding.

During my next effort I accidently hit Send about half way through, so it makes no sense whatsoever.

Anyway, I’m going to stick with it, probably learning to use it properly just as it becomes obsolete, as I did with fax machines in the 90s.

Watch this space. Or just space in general, you never know where my efforts might end up.