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Globe Trotting

The Tinhouse is bereft of women this week, as Mrs Tin and Tingirl have gone to London. They intend to indulge in mother-daughter bonding, visit the Sherlock Holmes Museum (Tingirl is a firm fan) and shop, According to an email I got from Tingirl they have already been to a “beetles exhibition”, by which I don’t think she meant something about insects.

The main purpose of the trip, though, is to visit the Globe Theatre, since Tingirl is so consumed by acting and intends to try to pursue it as a career.

They are going tonight to see A Midsummer Night’s Dream, firstly because, well, it’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Secondly they picked that because the School Musical this year was All Shook Up, which is built of course around Elvis songs, but apparently it uses A Midsummer Night’s Dream as a framework upon which to build it.

This may be why it’s better than Mamma Mia, which is built around Abba songs, but apparently upon a framework of the actors saying whatever comes into their heads next.

The girls bought the tickets online. We have all bought stuff online, and are used to filling in the little drop-down box that asks if we are Mr, Mrs or Ms. Slightly posher websites may also concede that some of us might like to be referred to as “Dr” (I haven‘t seen one that that offers the option “Bgr” for blogger, though looking at the abbreviation, it’s probably just as well).

Buy tickets for the Globe, though, and you are offered these choices:

0 (2)

We chickened out of Princess, but I hope that Air Commodore Tingirl has a super time.

Acting Out

Last weekend Tingirl’s Drama Group had their End Of Term Showcase.

This year they had four scenes, short plays in fact, each with a maximum of three actors, and each one written by one of the group and directed by another.

Tingirl’s scene featured just her and one guy. She was a rich girl, he was a poor bloke, and the two of them were running away together until she admitted that she’d had an affair. There was a bitter and ultimately final row, he departed, and the scene ended with her desolately whispering his name.

I was astonished, though I shouldn’t be by now, at the depth and passion of her acting, though not as astonished as I was at the end, when I discovered that she had written the whole thing.

She really is terrifically talented, and I really hope she gets somewhere with this, her dream.

She did have one more surprise. The next tale was a comedy of one-upmanship, involving just two of the guys, and she had just one line, where she ran on at the very end, hugged one of them and happily shouted “guys, I’m pregnant!”

No 15 year-old girl should ever do that to her father.