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The Patience Of A Saint

Yesterday was the feast day of St Perpetua. No, I’ve never heard of her either, but when has that ever stopped me….


St Perpetua (image from catholicsaintmedals.com)

Whenever times passes really slowly, such as during the last hour at work on a Friday, help while it away by thinking of St Perpetua.

As her name implies, her original role was to have been Patron Saint of things that last forever. It quickly became clear, however, that this gave her just one task.

She was Patron Saint of God.

This didn’t work, since God reckoned he was quite capable of solving His own problems and needed no help from anyone, as males so often do. Therefore Perpetua was put in charge of things that merely seem to last forever. Commercial breaks. The opposition team’s National Anthem. January.

She oversees the bending and stretching of time, such as when the person beside you shouts into their phone for fifty minutes of a twenty minute bus journey.

She sounds, to be honest, like a right pain.

But that’s only because we don’t pray to her. She watches all of these situations and is eager to change them, but can’t do anything without our supplication.

She could have ended The Walking Dead three series ago. She could cut two verses out of Achy Breaky Heart. She could make a watched pot boil.

She’s just waiting for us to ask. It feels like she’s been waiting forever.