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Worming Away

It was our company’s year-end at the end of December, so the auditors are in now doing our accounts.

The girl who comes to do our audit is friendly, funny, occasionally very mock-flirty (or possibly just wants me – hey, I can dream), and a really hard worker. She is also probably going to be out of a job next month, because her firm are having to let people go (I’m old enough to remember the last recession, & so not to find this all that surprising – the fact is many accountants haven’t a clue how to run a business either).

Although she’s facing the dole she’s still working as long and hard as ever. When we remarked on this she laughingly compared herself to a friend of hers currently seeing out her notice in another company, saying “she’s doing sweet f-a. She wouldn’t move to worm herself.” 

I’ve never heard this expression before, and imagined it was probably popular among cat-people (by which I mean people who like cats, not people who’ve been genetically altered in a Spiderman-like way after being bitten by one). I found it very evocative – imagine being so determined to do nothing that you wouldn’t even try to rid yourself of worms if you had them.

It was only on the way home that I realised that she’d said “she wouldn’t move to warm herself”, in a Limerick accent.

This was disappointing. I prefer the other one.

Feel free to use it, and startle your friends. It just might catch on.