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Be Patient

I know that there has been a certain sameness about the topics of this week’s posts, but I am hoping that you will be patient with me, especially if I promise not to make any pun whatsoever about the word “patient”.

The fact is that I haven’t sat an exam of any sort for about thirty years and so the First-Aid exam tomorrow is perhaps preying on my mind more than it would if I were normal more used to them.

Until this course began I knew little about human anatomy. Thanks to David Beckham and the 2002 World Cup I knew what a metatarsal was, I knew enough about abs and pecs to know that I don’t seem to have either and I was aware that de hip-bone connected to de thigh-bone.

I do still have a long way to go (while answering sample questions today I was asked to name the three types of bleeding (arterial, venous, capillary) and wrote down “artillery”) but I have learned a lot and am hoping for the best tomorrow.

After which I promise never to mention the course again.

Without a Leg to Stand On

Tingirl has been a pupil of the Gaiety School of Acting for many years now. She genuinely is a terrific actress, and mentioned recently that she would love to study drama at university, and even dreams, though she knows it’s unlikely, of going to RADA.

I mention this now purely because of a conversation Mrs Tin and I have just had. The topic came up and I said “if she got accepted into RADA I’d sell a leg to help pay her fees”.

I meant to say “kidney”. I even had a picture of a kidney in my head. I have no idea why I said “leg”.

I think Mrs Tin is a bit worried now about my exam on Friday. It’s not encouraging when an Occupational First-Aid candidate seems to believe that you can sell a leg.

Heads Up

My posts for the next three days will be short and sweet (rather like their author) as I have to study for the exam I face on Friday afternoon in the First Aid Course I am taking at work.

Among the things that I have learned during the course is a list of situations when it is pointless to carry out CPR. One of these (and it actually had this printed on the PowerPoint screen) is “decapitation”.

You learn something new every day.