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Try A Little Tenderness

This evening’s post will be short and sweet, rather like its author.

This is because I have just arrived home from the first night of a “Loving Kindness” course, which I will be attending every Tuesday for the next five weeks.

Back in May I did a Mindfulness course to try and cure my derealisation (didn’t work, but was still very worthwhile) and the last session was Loving Kindness. The girl who ran the course said that she’s be running a longer version of that in September, and the following morning I rang to put my name down.

Essentially it teaches you to be more kind towards yourself and all others. I am hoping that it will make me feel less infuriated by people whose music thumps through their earphones on the bus, people who don’t indicate when leaving a roundabout, and not being able to think of a good third example to end that sentence with.

Anyway, the first week’s exercise is Loving Kindness toward oneself. This should of course be easy, after all I’m gorgeous, but it’s the bit that I think I need most of all. You don’t get some of the blackness that I occasionally succumb to without a lot of self-loathing, and I’m hoping that I can learn to remember the real me.

He’s a really decent bloke.