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Retro Romance

One of the girls here in the office had a big bucket of cheap sweets in yesterday – lollipops, cola bottles, stuff like that (we may be adults in here, but we’re not grown-ups).

One of the things in it was a packet of Love Hearts.

Love Hearts are a kind of hard sweet with the texture of an Anadin tablet and the taste of talcum powder. They have a heart shape on them, with a different message on each sweet – “My Boy”, “Be My Lover” and suchlike.

I haven’t seen them for years, and was impressed to find that they’ve kept up with the times. They now have messages like “Email Me” and “Text Me”.

They don’t have “Let’s Try Living Together First”, “Let’s Get Matching Tattoos”, or “Lets’ Have A Bungee-Jump Wedding”, but it’s a start.