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Time Management

Those of you who come here regularly know what the first week of each month is like for me. GoldenEyes and I have four days to produce a report that should take about six, we work a lot of overtime and when I get home the last thing I want to see is a computer (well, actually, the last thing I want to see is a four-headed alien with a ray-gun and a sudden urge for love, but you know what I mean).

Therefore there is not a whole lot of blogging.

There has been a change at work, however, caused by our last quarterly staff survey. Because I had worked the equivalent of 18 days overtime over three months on a disastrously planned project done to an impossible deadline I put in the survey, for the first time ever, that I was not happy working in the company, and that I intend to leave within the next twelve months.

The survey, of course, is confidential, so we have had meetings to see what can be done to make me less unhappy.

(I feel that I should admit that there is an option to put your name to the survey if you wish, and I always take this option, so this is not as conspiracytheory as it sounds).

Our company has a new post of Engagement Manager, whose job it is to find and implement changes which will make people happier working there. She is a lovely, sweet, dedicated person, and as soon as she saw my survey she arranged to meet me. GoldenEyes and I have now been given a set of instructions.

Firstly, we are to take a full hour for lunch. Now, I reckon that King Arthur, feasting on suckling pig, wild boar and dragon’s sweetbreads could not have managed to make lunch last an hour, but I am doing my best, eating for the first ten minutes and staring out of the window for the other fifty.

This is because the second instruction, to spend at least fifteen minutes of that hour outdoors, has been put on hold until the north-easterly breeze presently visiting from well, the north-east (home to polar bears, penguins and Nanook of the North) has given way to something a bit less bracing.

Finally, I’m not allowed to work overtime anymore. I have to leave the office each day at four-thirty, and if this means that the four-day deadline becomes six, well, tough.

This is the first month of it. I’ve left work each day as instructed, feeling slight truantish, and have been home before six.

Therefore there is not a whole lot of blogging.

Where before I had too little time, now I have too much. I can read, sitting in the window in daylight. For the first time in months I can watch the Six O’clock News (apparently there’s some problem with the world’s economy, I just thought I’d let you all know). I can say hi to the Tinkids, and be told that their day was “fine”.

That’s why I wrote nothing yesterday. I kept thinking “I’ve loads of time, I’ll write something in a minute”, right up until it was time for bed.

It’s going to take a while to get used to all this extra free time, even though it’s only a few hours a day.

I’ve no idea how I’ll cope if I ever get to retire.