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Caked in Stupidity

I’ve nicked this -> picture from Jo’s other (respectable) blog (http://piosacake.wordpress.com/) because  of all the people I know she’s the one most likely go berserk over this, from today’s Irish Times:

New EU regulations have banned the consumption of cakes and confectionary entered at country fairs and agricultural shows immediately after baking competitions.

Under the rules adjudicators of bakery sections in local shows are only permitted to taste the traditional favourites such as apple tarts or cheese cakes. Once the judging is over, the produce must be immediately destroyed. As a result, only bite-sized versions of the cakes will be entered in shows.

Cad an fuck?

There was a cake-competition outside the Happy Pear in Greystones last June. Jo was at it, and she and twenty or so others entered cakes in various categories. One of the prizes was won by a 13-year old boy from Tinson2’s class. Can you imagine how thrilled he was – it had been his first ever attempt. When it was over everyone tried everyone else’s cakes, swapped recipes, etc.

What can possibly be wrong with that? What new gormless rule are we breaking now? All eating off the same plate? Eating outdoors? Not having napkins tucked into our shirts?

Chairman of Mayo County Council Joe Mellett, said:

“It is a real deterrent to those entering shows. If you thought your prize produce was going to be destroyed immediately after a tiny taste was taken from it, then you would not want to enter a competition.”

He also said “When you see things like this it’s no wonder the people voted No to the Lisbon Treaty.”

That may be a bit glib, but I know what he means.