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Call From The Blue

A friend of Mrs Tin rang her yesterday. “Hello, Mrs Tin”, he said.

And that’s it. End of story.

“Bloody hell, Tinman”, I can hear you all thinking, “it’s not the most gripping tale I’ve ever heard. Things must be pretty dull in the Tinhouse if one member getting a phone call is the highlight of your week.”

That’s because I haven’t explained myself very well. Let’s try again…….

A friend of (insert wife’s real name) rang her yesterday. “Hello, Mrs Tin”, he said.

Now do you see?

She says she made that kind-of “Uhhh!” sound that’s known as a sharp intake of breath, and I did exactly the same thing when she told me that evening.

Her friend is on the committee of the Greystones Educate Together school, and apparently was on the internet when he came across this picture of a dragon’s head that he recognised being worn by a man that he didn’t. He read the post, put two and two together, and rang Mrs Tin to test his theory.

Now all we have to do is find out what on earth he was looking up when he came upon my picture. I’ve tried typing “man wearing dragon’s head” into Google and found nothing, except some extraordinary suggestions after I’d typed “man” and “wearing”.

Enter the Dragon

Yesterday evening I went to my local for a few drinks after work, and then went home to be confronted by a dragon.

This may sound like a the prelude to a tale of marital disharmony, but those of you who read this blog regularly know that I would never refer to Mrs Tin in such terms (she doesn’t read this often, but knowing my luck today would be the day).

No, what I mean is that there was one of those big bendy dragons that appear in Chinese New Year parades in our living room. Tomorrow is Chinese New Year (Year of the Tiger they say, though probably not in Ireland), and Bray School Project had a parade yesterday using the dragon. Apparently the tallest kid in first class gets under the head and the rest of the class get under the body and they walk around the yard.

They are lending it to the new Greystones Educate Together School for them to use it on Monday, so it is spending the weekend in the Tinhouse (don’t ask me why, bearing in mind that we have no kids in either school. That’s just the kind of thing that happens regularly to us).

Anyway, this is a picture of me wearing it:    

What astonished me is that, although I was last person home yesterday and therefore last person to see the dragon, I was the first one with an irresistible urge to put it on.

It’s a lovely feeling knowing that I’m more childish than my children.