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Beggars can be Choosers

Two breast cancer charities, the Marie Keating Foundation and Breast Cancer Ireland, have told Page Three girl Claire Tully that they do not want her to raise money for them when she takes part in Reality TV show “Failte Towers” next month.

The issue was raised by Twenty Major in his blog this morning. “I’m just guessing here but I suspect her offer involved her getting her norks out in public”, he said, before going on to give out about the prevalence of nude calendars as fund-raisers.

I agree with Twenty more often than not, which is why I read his blog, but I think he’s wrong here. In the first place, she’s not getting her norks out, but even if she were, in a world full of needy causes anything you can do to make your charity stand out (this post is a nightmare of double entendres) is a good idea.

She, though, wants to donate money from a TV show to a cause that is dear to her because both her mum and grandmother had breast cancer. And she has been told no.

As was posted on the blog:

If any of the other contestants offered to do it for these charities would they accept? Coz if so, they’re saying this girl isn’t good enough to raise money for them, just because of her chosen career.

What’s next? “No, we don’t want you to run the marathon for us thanks, because we’ve found out you’re a binman.”

I couldn’t put it better myself – no, really, because it was me who said that.

I know it’s not usual to take a comment you make on someone else’s blog and then put it on your own, but I feel really strongly about this. Claire Tully wants to give money to these charities, and they’ve decided they’re too good to accept it. If someone dies and leaves them a bequest, do they investigate their background before accepting it?

Thankfully the National Breast Cancer Research Institute Centre in Galway is accepting her money. I hope a lot of good comes from it.