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Just When You Thought ….

This is from our local freebie paper:

The article reports that a man called Brendan Moran spotted the fish “while diving off The Men’s on the seafront”.

I have lived in Greystones for 26 years and had no idea that there is a section of our seafront called The Men’s. Perhaps there isn’t, perhaps they mean that he dived in off the roof of a public toilet.

(I feel that I owe it to Brendan Moran, without whom this post would not exist, to tell you all that the video of his encounter can be viewed in full at his website www.BrendanMoran.ie).

When I was a child growing up a few miles further up the coast the biggest threat to the men fishing off the wall of Dun Laoghaire harbour (don’t blame me, Spellcheck, that’s the name of the town) was that they might be pulled into the sea while trying to land what would invariably turn out to be a Tesco supermarket trolley. Such fish as they would occasionally catch would be tiny unidentifiable little brown things which they would look at in disgust and throw back into the water.

It never seemed to occur to them that they might be simply catching the same fish over and over again.

But if ever people doubted the theory of global warming then I offer the arrival of this new menace in evidence. If a fish that Google says is found normally in “tropical and temperate seas” has decided that the waters of Greystones are warm enough to swim in (and trust me, there are few people in our town who would agree with him) then something must have changed.

It’s just as well that we are an island, or we would soon be overrun by all sorts of creatures from warmer climes, such as rhinos, or elephants, or lions. As it is they have no way of getting here.

Unless they hitch a lift on the back of a giant Scorpion Fish.