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Vote Early And Often

The above is a phrase that used to be used regularly here back in the 70s and 80s, when identification requirements weren’t as strict as they are now and when managing to vote, say with the polling card from your new address and also with the one you received at your old one was regarded as a bit of a giggle instead of as voter fraud.  

But in the Best Blog Section of the Irish Blog Awards, voting each week is positively encouraged. Thanks to those of you who have voted for my post so far, and now you should be able to vote again, at http://www.blogawardsireland.com/category/best-blog-post-2/, and look for Worth Doing Badly: Weekly Photo Challenge – Up.

Er, that’s all.

Ok, I Need A Favour


This is the blog equivalent of a begging letter.

The 2013 Irish Blog Awards take place in October. I’ve been nominated in the Best Humour Blog Category (and a real thank-you to whoever nominated me) and this will be judged by, well, judges.

But I’ve also been nominated for the Best Blog Post, for this post, and this category works differently because there are so many entries. Anyone can vote, at this address http://www.blogawardsireland.com/category/best-blog-post-2/, the bottom five are eliminated each week and the final ten will be judged by, well, judges.

Speccy has been asking for support for me on her blog, and while I feel a bit embarrassed doing it, I’d like to stay in for as long as possible, so I’m asking for your support too. If you go to the link above, go right down to the end of the page (damn you, alphabetical order) and find Worth Doing Badly, you just clink in the little button beside it and then press “vote”. You can vote once each week.

Please don’t do this if (a) you think the post is rubbish, (b) you don’t agree with competitions or (c) you don’t care in the least about my feelings.

So, no pressure.

To Table 23

Ok, I didn’t win (but congratulatons to Grandad, occasional visitor here, who did).

There were four groups at our table at the Blog Awards Event on Saturday and as it happens all of us were finalists in some category, and one by one we all watched someone else win.

Still, it’s not the winning it’s the yadda-yadda-blah, etc, and we did have a really good time, supporting each other and at one stage all supporting the table when one of its legs collapsed.

So to my new-found blogmates at Business Bloomer, This is Knit and Cigar Loving Doorman, it was great to meet you all, and hopefully we’ll all meet up again next year.

When they’ll need a stronger table, to support the weight of all our trophies.

Awards Night

On the equivalent of this morning in each of the last three years I have written that I am here in Cork/Galway/Belfast for the Irish Blog Awards, how much I’m looking forward to them and how much I’m hoping to meet people who will become blogmates for life, as I did in previous years with Grannymar and Speccy.

It’s six in the evening, I am in Naas (it rhymes with mace) awaiting tonight’s awards, and this is the first mention I’ve made of it. The difference this year is that I am one of the finalists in the Best Humour Blog Category, and quite honestly I don’t know what to say. I was going to say nothing at all, but have realised that just looks weird.

I am remarkably calm about the whole thing, and have achieved this Zen-like state by simply blotting the whole thing from my mind ever since I found out a fortnight ago that I had got this far. Sometimes derealisation has its advantages. I haven’t thought about winning, nor about not winning, though I have just now practised an Oscar-like-I’m-thrilled-for-the-winner smile.

All I can really say is that I hope that it is great fun, that I meet some really great people, that I overcome the shyness that Tinman doesn’t suffer from but that his alter-ego does.

And I hope that the whole event goes really well, as Beatrice, Lorna and Amanda, the three amazing people who have organised it all, deserve it to be a big success.

Categorize This

The Irish Blog Awards came to an end last year, but they have been replaced by Blog Awards Ireland (and a genuine, sincere thank you to Lorna, Beatrice and Amanda, who are organising them), and the awards night will take place in October.

There are 29 categories and I have been nominated in not one but two of them, so you can imagine how I feel.

Exactly. Gutted.

There are 27 categories for which my blog is not deemed good enough.

Some of them are fair enough. I can make no claim to the Best Corporate Blog, or Best Group Blog, or Best Podcast Blog. I accept that I do not qualify for Best Youth Blog, though I would ask why there is no equivalent Best 54-Year-Old’s Blog. I am willing to concede the Best Technology Blog to people who actually know technical stuff, and Best Blog In The Irish Language to, well, someone who writes in the Irish Language.

But some of the other categories fit this Blog like a glove (though gloves are so last year – see, I should be in the Beauty/Fashion section) and here I make a final plea to the organisers to consider my late inclusion in them.

Best Food/Drink Blog. In these annals I have described porridge as 74% greyness and 26% lumps, and have written that Guinness is watery shite that gives you watery shite. Has Delia Smith ever written anything so pithy? (See, food puns and everything).

Best Photography Blog. This is an actual photo from my blog, taken at a Coldplay concert.

A picture says a thousand words. I think that one says everything.

Best Popculture Blog. Ok, they can have this one, since I have no idea what that means.

Best Newcomer Blog. Since these are new awards, in a sense we are all newcomers. Weak, I know, but logically flawless.

Best Health/Wellbeing Blog. Oh, come on. I’ve written here about my depression, my derealisation, my blackouts, my pacemaker and the day I had to go home from work because I had a headache. Nobody said it had to be good health.

Best Blog By a Journalist. Oh. Wait a minute, though, nobody knows who I am. For all they know I could be Irish Times Journalist Fintan O’Toole.

Best Political Blog. Or Barrack Obama.

Best Mobile Compatible Blog. I’m not sure I get this one. I will say, though, that my blog is available on mobile things like laptops, iPhones and anything else on which you can pick up the internet, which seems these days to include electric razors and the shiny side of a mirror. My blog is also available in mobile homes, if you have Wi-Fi.

Best Overall Blog. I don’t actually blog in my overalls (preferring instead a grey fedora and a floral chintz housecoat) but unless they’re Skyping me on that camera-thingy on the top of my screen they’re not going to know that.

Finally, Best Blog Post. If they fall for any of this then I think this post is a shoo-in.