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As You Write It

WordPress asks do we believe that Shakespeare existed. The question is inspired by the new film “Anonymous” which claims (as indeed has been claimed before, by luminaries such as Sigmund Freud among others) that his plays could not have been written by such a lower class oaf and were instead written by Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford.

One of the arguments advanced in favour of this theory is that several of the play plots mirror events in deVere’s own life. Those of us who trundle along doing mundane office jobs, raising children and occasionally holidaying in Majorca can only envy his Life Less Ordinary, wherein he had his fate determined by three witches, watched his mother marry the man who had killed his father, demanded a pound of flesh from a man who simply owed him money, was briefly a black person and finally died romantically and stupidly following a massive misunderstanding between himself and his girlfriend as to which of them had killed themselves first.

The evidence against the theory is slightly more compelling. The fact that deVere died in 1604, before at least ten of the plays were written, gives a whole new meaning to the term “ghost-writer”.

Secondly, why would deVere wish to remain anonymous and claim no credit whatsoever for writing the greatest literature of all time? It makes as much sense as a person writing a daily blog and giving themselves a pseudonym of, say, Tinman.

Thirdly, and most convincingly, Shakespeare wrote a blog. I published excerpts from it two years ago, and here they are again.

I have Googled “DeVere’s Blog”. There is no such thing.

“Case Closed”, as Gladstone said in the Sherlock Holmes novels.