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Lying in the Sun

Sometimes I read the Sun.

Ok, as admissions go, that’s not quite as shocking as “I am a sheep molester” but it’s right up there.

Well, I do. There’s always a copy lying on the counter in our local, and if there’s no-one there to talk to and no decent sport on the telly, I’ll have a look at it. It’s rubbish, but it’s not really offensive anymore. It used to be that to admit you were a Sun reader meant one thing – you were interested in Page Three. In these days of topless beaches, Men’s Magazines and Rececca from Big Brother, surely everyone now sees enough boobs not to give more than a passing glance at Page Three. It seems almost quaint now that the Sun still thinks that’s one of its big attractions.



The only really shocking thing about the Sun now is the sheer awfulness of the puns in the headlines. For example, today’s edition carries an article on Olympic rowers’ gold medals with the heading “Water Way to Go”, while a piece about some bloke who’s done a “six-pack challenge” (nothing to do with drink, rather disappointingly) has the headline “Chest look at Jeremy now!”

And then there’s Dear Deidre. This lady has been solving the sex problems of the Sun’s readers for what seems like two hundred years now, carefully dispensing advice that happens to tie-in with one of her leaflets or phone-lines.

And what problems they have…. Hubby ran off with school girl …. I want more from my sexy boss…. Kid might not be my hubby’s…. Sex with brother was a mistake (her boyfriend’s brother, thankfully, not her own).

The question is … who writes these letters?  Either each one is written by a different group of girls out on the beer in a pub trying to put one over on Deidre, or she has a team writing them herself. Or perhaps both.

The least likely answer is that they are all genuine. Imagine for a moment that you are a girl who fancies her boyfriend’s brother (that one seems to come up a lot). Do you:

  • Ask your mum for advice
  • Ask your mates for advice
  • Tell yourself to cop on
  • Move to a different town
  • Keep them both on the go
  • Figure things out for yourself
  • Write a blog about it

Or write to some stranger in a National newspaper?

Which would you do?

(PS: WordPress suggests automatically generated links for each post, and one of the ones it suggested for this was “Je Thames”. Perhaps the sub-editors at the Sun do nixers for WordPress).