Keeping The Flame

Torii shrine by peaksignal

The final Fire&Ice challenge, week 19 – write 200 words or less based on the above prompt, including a mythological creature or a non-Earth world (oh, and Sarah, I borrowed one line from you)…


We humans were overjoyed by the gift of fire, since it offered light, warmth and an alternative to raw mammoth. We learned, though, that it could be angry, and we quickly grew tired of being chased from our home by our own heating.

We turned to Andiron, goddess of fireplaces. She made fire our friend, tempered its temper, made it something to curl in front of rather than cower away from.

We built grateful shrines to Her Grateness, their legs daubed in ceremonial soot.

Then we found Thermostat, god of central heating. Weak and fickle, we turned our hearts from our hearths, paying homage to our new god by banging loudly upon gurgling pipes.

Smoke no longer rose to heaven. The shrines sank into the mud. We bricked up our fireplaces.

But Andiron has fire in her belly. She visited a sleeping human in a shower of sparks, not for salacity but simply to whisper the word “barbecue”.

We now have new shrines to her, small outdoor fireplaces where we gather to offer burnt sacrifice.

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