Water Sport

Summer Joy, Black Sea: Odessa, Ukraine. CC2.0 photo by Dmitry Kichenko

Fire&Ice contest week 17 – the photo above, 140-150 words and include a stolen or a mistaken identity…


He loves the warmth of the sun on his skin. He loves the sparkle of water droplets, tiny diamonds of liquid joy, as he swings his arms into cold blue sky.

He loves seeing how long he can hold his breath overwater.

Ythyl Merman lives in the baltic depths of the Baltic Sea. He hides from humanity, since a species that clubs seals and thinks it can slow a whale with a pointy stick is one best avoided.

He enjoys his guilty pleasure – skinny-dripping, he calls it – only where he knows he will be alone.

Well, apart from the day he mistakenly burst gloriously through the surface right into the midst of the Danish Synchronised Swimming team.

He was gone in an instant, and in a back-flip that left a long arc of water, like a ponytail.

Which is why the statue is of a girl.


2 thoughts on “Water Sport

  1. prenin

    Love it!!! 🙂 ❤

    I went to Copenhagen to visit the woman I was about to marry, but she died in her grandmother's kitchen of a massive stroke the following year as we were finalising the plan for me to go there.

    Sad memory, but that's life. 😦 ❤


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