Silent Partners

Kids Sharing Love. photo by Aamir Mohd Khan

Fire&Ice week 16 – this photo, less than 200 words, and include a gamer or a parent….


Children do not have the words.

Their gestures say so much – the sudden hug, the linked arm, the turned shoulder that icily tells you that you are no longer in the gang.

They do not have the words for I’m sorry about your Mum.

So Samir had sat in silence on the bus on this first day back. Sunil, who shared the double seat with him, had spent a lot of time pretending to root in his schoolbag while trying to convey support through regular heavy sighs.

As he waited for class Samir sat alone in the yard, watching the chasing, and the football, and the world just going right on.

Now Neha and Renuka sat down beside him. Renuka took a banana from her bag and gave half to Neha, then both turned to offer some to Samir. They ate together, wordlessly.

Their gestures say so much.

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