Home Time

Changing role patterns. Haarlem, The Netherlands. CC photo photo by the Nationaal Archief

Fire&Ice week 12 – use the photo above, less than 200 words, and include a dollmaker or a fugitive…


It doesn’t matter which sex is the breadwinner when there is no bread to be won.

Anke stares glumly at the newspaper. There are no jobs, because of lockdown. She is wearing her dungarees anyway, so that she can leap into action should somebody suddenly need emergency wallpapering.

Johan is making dinner. The ingredients are a swede and a jar of mayonnaise. It will not be tasty.

Their bottle-opener dangles, a taunting reminder of a time when they could afford beer.

They have sold most of their furniture. They have sold all of their best shoes.

The apartment has no heat, and the mess in front of Lotte is what happens when you try to open a tin of Pringles while wearing mittens.

Lotte picks at the Pringles while playing with her doll. Johan made it for her, and she loves it more than any Barbie.

They will get through this. They have each other.

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