Wish You Were Here


This photo was the prompt for today’s Flash! Friday challenge, and the setting had to be the Moon…


Dear kids

Holiday of a lifetime my bum, excuse my Moonish.

To begin with, we shouldn’t have flown Ryanair.

Their so-called Moon flight actually lands on an asteroid two hundred miles away, and we had to space-walk the rest of the way. Your Dad was sick, which is no joke when you’re wearing a spacesuit.

On the bright side, it hasn’t rained once. In fact I’m not sure it ever does – the Sea of Tranquillity has no water in it, and apparently Moon River is just the name of a song.

But there is no atmosphere at all. We went to visit the moon landing site, and it’s dead dull. There’s just a flag hanging there, there’s no souvenir shop, and not even a guy offering to take photos of the tourists, which makes me wonder who took the pictures of Armstrong when he was coming down the ladder.

Your Dad plays golf all the time, because he can hit the ball miles, so I spend most of my time moon-walking, and not in a Michael Jackson type of way.

Next year we’re going back to Majorca. They can stick the Moon where the sun don’t shine.



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