Cat Flap

Kenya Kittens

Kenya kittens by Kerri Lee Smith

The above picture was the prompt for today’s 200 word Flash! Friday Challenge, and a gladiator had to play a central role in the story…


“The situation is very serious,” said Chief O’Hara. “She’s flooded Gotham with cats.”

“Who has?” asked the Gladiator.

“Why, Catwoman, of course,” said O’Hara.

“Oh,” said the Gladiator. “I always wondered why she was called that.”

O’Hara sighed. There were many shining stars in the galaxy of Superheroes, but, in every meaning of the phrase, the Gladiator was not the brightest.

His chariot was outpaced in every car chase. His, well, skirt would flop over his face if he had to dangle from tall buildings. His metal breast-plate was prone to picking up Radio Luxembourg, and to being struck by lightning.

He couldn’t even creep up on evildoers, because his sandals flapped when he walked.

On the other hand, Gotham’s villains tended to employ staff whose sole talent was the ability to spell “thwack” in actual air quotes when thumped, so O’Hara was hoping for the best.

“Just round up all the cats,” he said.

“Don’t worry,” said the Gladiator. “I’ll catch them all in my net.” He stood to leave. “Er, if I can ask,” he said. “Why have you given me this job instead of, you know, him?”

O’Hara pointed out the window. “It’s daylight,” he said. “The Bat-signal doesn’t work.”


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