Strands Of Memory


This was the photo for this week’s Flash Friday challenge – 200 words, and it had to be set on a beach…

The sunrise was a thin pink line of icing on the purple-green sea. The waves whispered, hissing softly as they crept away from the beach. She stood, here where it had all happened, and remembered.

Learning to run in slow motion had been the hardest part.

Learning the storyline had been a doddle by comparison. Every week some extra would be sent out into the sea, where they would fold, arch, then sink like the Titanic, while putting more syllables into the word “help!” than Penelope Pitstop could. The running would then begin.

But there are only so many ways in which you can rescue someone from death by overacting, so the show had folded, eventually, leaving her with only memories and a complexion like Popeye’s. It might have lasted longer, she reckoned, if things had occasionally come out of the sea – mermaids, perhaps, or the Aquaphibians from Stingray.

The Hoff versus Godzilla – now that would have been some episode.

She picked up a flat stone and flicked it out into the sea, where it sank like, well, like a stone.

It was like her career, she reflected.

Because before it sank it had bounced and skipped, briefly but spectacularly.

She smiled to herself, and turned towards home.

2 thoughts on “Strands Of Memory

  1. elspethc

    So glad you are back. Now I can distract myself from anything that might have been productive. That is a compliment to you, truthfully you are more an inspiration than a distraction.


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