This picture, of Gemini 5’s return to Earth in 1965, is the prompt for today’s Flash! Friday challenge.. 

Gemini 5 landing

We don’t speak Martian here at NASA. Anything more complex than five notes and we’re pretty baffled.

So when we got the message, with co-ordinates and then something that sounded like Swedish being coughed through bagpipes, we thought that they wanted to meet us.

The co-ordinates were at sea, so Halsworth and I were put in a dinghy to wait, and to offer them Mars Bars in greeting.

They hadn’t wanted to meet us. They’d been asking us to take the Ice Bucket Challenge.

Their giant bucket bounced us out of the dinghy like two kids on too tight a trampoline.

We were rescued by conspiracy theorists. They follow us everywhere, ever since Roswell didn’t happen.

The Martians have sent us the video and we feel that we now have a bond.

So we’re challenging the Klingons, launching our own huge ice-filled bucket to land at high speed on their planet.

We have a good feeling about this.



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