Washed Up

Ok, I’m back. I could make some excuse, but I’ve just been plain lazy. Anyway, the picture below is the prompt for today’s Flash! Friday challenge….


There should have been a girl.

Everyone knows this. When you wash up on a desert island you meet a girl stranded by a previous shipwreck, blonde, beautiful and wearing an outfit that she has apparently fashioned out of her handkerchief.

That was why he had jumped ship. He was too good for life at sea, with its scurvy, rats and monotonously easy games of I Spy. He would find the girl and found an Eden.

But now he sat dejectedly on sand that stretched endless and empty, like his future. There wasn’t even the obligatory single palm tree. Too late he reflected that urban legends do not apply outside an urban environment.

Actually they do. At that very moment the girl was sitting under the single tree, calmly awaiting companionship.

Sadly, it wouldn’t be with him. He had come ashore on Bikini Atoll, and she was on the other half.


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