Elixir Of Life

This picture is of the Earth Goddess, from the Imaginary Worlds Exhibit at Atlanta Botanical Garden, and is by C. Joey Ivansco. It’s the prompt for day’s Flash! Friday 140-160 word challenge, and we had to incorporate “Freedom” in our story…

Earth Goddess

The Earth Goddess took a sip, then let the rest of the water trickle softly back into the fountain.

She shook her head in bewilderment. It still tasted lovely.

She had filled the lakes with it, and the rivers, as her gift to Humankind. It was the perfect drink – sugar-free, odour-free, calorie-free, and free. As free as Freedom, in fact.

Yet Humankind had spurned it. They drank small beer, though in large glasses. They drank wine, essentially fruit that someone had stood on. They drank milk. Dear God, thought the Goddess, they drank milk.

They drank camomile to help them sleep and coffee to keep them awake.

They drank suggestively-named cocktails.

They had now moved on to even stranger drinks, like cranberry-flavoured whiskey, and cabbage-flavoured vodka, and Budweiser.

Meanwhile they used her precious gift to wash their socks with.



3 thoughts on “Elixir Of Life

  1. prenin

    I agree with the Earth Goddess! 🙂

    I am drinking a mug of her gift as I write!!! 🙂

    Well done as always my friend and God Bless!



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