A Whiff Of Cordite

This is today’s prompt for the Flash! Friday challenge, 140-160 words which had to involve Comeuppance…

Berlin, Rückkehr Emil Jannings aus Amerika

Emmaline had stolen him from her, with her slimmer figure, longer legs and better taste in hats.

Martha was bridesmaid, meaning “runner-up, but with free cake” and it was while planning the day that the idea had come to her.

Emmaline was allergic to lilies, so Martha laced the bouquet with them, like olfactory arsenic. Now she smiled grimly as her ex-friend threw back her head as a prelude to her first sneeze.

The earth would certainly move for Emmaline tonight.

Emmaline sneezed once, explosively, then, as is traditional, threw the bouquet. Since Martha had ensured that it was huge it travelled just a few inches, hitting Martha full in the face.

She instinctively caught it (she was a spinster, after all, and you never know) and smelled peonies, her own allergic affliction.

As Martha’s eyes ran and her nose began to burn Emmaline threw back her head again, this time in laughter.

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