It’s A Fact

I did homework last night, for my creative writing course. To illustrate the difference between fact and fiction we had to write one paragraph containing three true facts and one made-up one, and then another with one true fact and three fictional ones. We then had to see if we could tell the facts from the fiction in other students.

Obviously this blog is not going to be very interesting if I simply regurgitate my homework every week for the next eight weeks, but this is the first time I’ve had to do any since 1975, so I’m making an exception here. The one true fact in the second paragraph will actually be known by anyone who’s been reading this blog for a long time, while the three true ones in the first can be determined by, well, anyone with Wikipedia…. 

One Fiction and Three Facts

Fact is indeed stranger than fiction, and people are stranger than both. For example, Admiral Nelson suffered really badly from seasickness, Ozzy Osbourne wrote the lyrics to Cliff Richard’s “Power To All Our Friends”, Lee Harvey Oswald accidently shot himself in 1957, and Beethoven used to pour iced water over his head to stimulate his brain while composing.


One Fact and Three Fictions

I am stranger than even them. At school I once sneezed so hard that I blew out one of my front teeth. I once won Man Of The Match, while playing in goal, in a soccer game in which my team were beaten 14-1. My family once moved home while I was on holiday. I have no eyebrow over my left eye, and never had.

8 thoughts on “It’s A Fact

  1. Tinman Post author

    The answers, by the way, are that the Ozzy Osbourne bit is the false fact in the first paragraph, and my family moving while I was away, so that I got a taxi home from the airport to a now empty house, was the true fact in the second one.

  2. Janie Jones

    Fun post! And, at least they bothered to send you a taxi! Lest you feel I’m picking fun, you might find it interesting to know that you weren’t the only one to be ambush relocated while away. I was once told my grandfather moved to a new house with his 6 children while my grandmother was “on holiday” in the hospital on account of a mental breakdown. When she was discharged from the hospital the family “surprised” her with a whole new home. I’m not sure if I would find that a good get well present or a bad one.


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