Happy Blogday

My blog is six years old today, and I have decided to get it a birthday present.

It has slowed down in recent times, as the aging tend to do. I would say that it was drifting toward dementia, except that there was always something demented about it anyway.

I have enrolled in an eight-week online Open University course in creative writing. It began yesterday and I arrived into class (logged in) for the first time last night. My short visit (there was football on the telly) was spent filling in a survey about why I was doing the course, and then introducing myself, via the comments box, to my fellow students.

There seem to about four hundred people in my class. It’s going to be hard to become Teacher’s Pet.

The main emphasis of the course is on development of characters. Given the type of story I write my characters usually have as much depth as a puddle, so this will hopefully be a good thing.

As the course progresses we will be expected to submit pieces of writing which the other students and the lecturers can comment upon. The comments I get on my blog tend to be of the “you’re a genius” variety, so I’m not sure how I’m going to handle any that suggest I should be given a conical hat with a big letter D on it and made to stand at the back of the class.

I’m looking forward to it, though. I’m hoping that what I learn will improve my writing, and most of all that it will re-kindle my enthusiasm, take me away from my current mind-set, which is “well, I can’t be expected to write today, it’s a workday”, or “well, I can’t possibly write today, it’s the weekend”. I’m hoping to return to the days where I’d look forward every morning to seeing where the Tinmind was going to take me that day.

I want to have fun again. My blog has given me so much of that fun over the past six years, and that is why I have got it this present.

So Many Happy Returns to my blog, meaning I hope that I return here many times.










9 thoughts on “Happy Blogday

  1. laughykate

    Ohhhh wweeeeee! It’s looking flash around here! And happy blogday. It’s been six years ? Wow. Well done you. Great that you’re doing a course…my question for the house is…how on earth are you going to put your virtual apple on the teacher’s desk?

  2. speccy

    Tinman! I’m doing that course too 🙂 I wasn’t watching football, so I wrote 2 silly wee paragraphs and people watched a video. I got such a boost from doing that wee bit, I’m really hoping it will kick start my mind again!
    it seems there are loads of keen enthusiastic people commenting already, so I’m not sure how the commenting on others’ will work, but we all know your stuff will be wonderful! x

  3. prenin

    Hi Tin! 🙂

    Glad to hear from you again! 🙂

    Your sense of humour shines through your writing and I understand your concerns, but better wary concern than overconfidence! 🙂

    Just be yourself my friend and enjoy the experience!!! 🙂

    God Bless!


  4. Miss Andi

    Hope it’ll give the needed kick / carrot (delete unrequired) to refuel your writing! We do need a break from now and then though so don’t feel bad about it 🙂

  5. http://vivinfrance.wordpress.com


    Happy birthday blog. Tillybud and I and loads of others have done the CW courses with the OU. There’s even a free one now (MOOC Start Writing Fiction) which was the first one I did – paid good money for it, too. I have since done every one – I was a guinea pig for A263 and A365. Which one are you doing? You will have enormous enjoyment from the course, and learn lots, but the greatest benefit was the interraction with other students. Yes, proper critiquing is a big part of the course, but that can only be good.

  6. Intrepid Explorer

    Many happy returns of the day, Mr. Tinman. Your blog has provided many chuckles and pangs of envy from me at your turn of phrase! Keep writing, even while wearing the D cap, Mr. Genius! L.


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