The Cycles of the Moon

This is this week’s photo prompt for the Flash! Friday challenge. 140-160 words, and we had to mention space travel… 

Cycles of the Moon

His first cutback had been to let Pluto go.

The new Director had been brought in to make cuts in NASA’s budget, and relegating Pluto from Mickey Mouse planet to over-sized rock instantly reduced the number of worlds in our Solar System that we will never set foot upon. This was regarded as a saving, for reasons as unclear as a nebula.

Next the Chief Engineer was fired, which was more than you could say for his rockets. The Director had them replaced by bicycles.

It didn’t work, of course. On the test-flight (unmanned and unmonkeyed, thankfully) the bicycle got a flat tyre, and the whole universe heard the giant fart as it zig-zagged past the moon like a dying balloon.

The Director was devastated. He was the kind who dreamt things that never were and asked why not, and then wouldn’t listen to the answers.

Such as that ET was not, as he’d thought, a documentary.

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