You Shall Go

Fairy Godmother school

It was supposed to have been a coach, but Martha’s pumpkin had turned instead into a balloon giraffe. Miss Applecheek had given it a withering look, and when you’re a teacher at Fairy Godmother School then “withering look” is more than just a turn of phrase.

“Interesting,” she said. “Perhaps when your time comes you can have your princess pulled along to the Ball by a small child holding a piece of string.”

Martha’s lip trembled like her watching classmates. Miss Applecheek turned her attention to Clara, whose efforts had produced a bra with only one strap.

“And what will she do with this?” she asked. “Use it as a sling-shot to stun her prince?”

There is fire and steel within Fairy Godmothers, whose job is basically to patiently help the inept, and Clara would one day make one of the finest.

“She will need it,” she said defiantly, “if the dance she gets invited to is a toga party.”


The photo is called “Dancing at the Red Cross Fund, Brisbane, 1942” and was the prompt for today’s Flash Friday challenge, with a target of 140-160 words.


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