Goodness Gracious….

This photo (Gary Plant Tubular Steel Corporation, 1943) is today’s prompt for the Flash! Friday challenge….

Steel Voodoo

The ping and tinkle of cooling steel flecked the factory’s silence like stars on a cloudless night. It was time.

Alice had made the doll, from the tailpipe of a Buick Roadmaster. Mavis was to use the arc welder. Ray would supervise, because he was the man and this was the 1940s.

Five years earlier Chuck Wiseman had gotten their friend Mary-Jane into trouble. He had told the supervisor that she didn’t always wear the obligatory company badge.

She had been fired, and now, in a sense, he was about to be too.

Mavis flicked the torch into life.

Two miles away the patrons of Joe’s Diner watched in horror as Chuck’s crotch burst into flames. One promptly cancelled his order of extra chilli.

Joe hurled a bucket of water, and Chuck left in a small cloud of steam, walking as if riding an invisible horse.

Revenge is a dish best served cold. Or else really, really hot.

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