Some People Stand In The Darkness

This is today’s prompt for the Flash! Friday Contest. The photo is called Kolmanskop, by Damien Du Toit

 Baywatch beach-house

She was the last.

She had hidden in the abandoned beach-house while Hoffula, the vampire of Baywatch Bay, had preyed upon the other bikinied beauties, who had discovered that necking with the Hoff was not quite what they’d expected.

He was the ultimate life-guard, making you undead forever.

She could hear him running up the beach now, in slow motion and carrying a small bread-board. She had patiently sharpened an old mast into a stake large enough for his huge chest, and as he pulled open the door she grabbed the stake with both hands.

It was too big for her to lift. He smiled, fangs glinting.

She pulled the mirror from the wall by the bedroom and smashed it over his head. A flying shard pierced his heart, and he slowly faded away. His smile was the last thing to vanish, like the Cheshire Walrus.

He hadn’t seen the mirror coming. That invisibility thing works both ways.

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