Citius, Altius, Nippiness


In honour of the start of the Winter Olympics, Flash! Friday have this photo, from the first modern Games, as today’s prompt…

Olympic stadium 1896

It was 776 BC, and the pitifully small number of flags bore witness to how few city-states had entered these very first Olympics.

Athens were there, of course, along with Thrace and Sparta. Marathon were in too, hoping to win the really long and as yet unnamed feature race.  But Troy had boycotted the games, perhaps understandably, and Corinth hadn’t yet got the hang of a calendar that went backwards and had turned up four years earlier.

The dressage was about to start, and the first horse stood waiting in the main arena. As it was yoked to a cart this was likely to be interesting, especially the bit where it would have to dance sideways, but even so the watching crowd glared enviously at those in the packed stands around the smaller arena.

This was where the beach volleyball would be taking place.

In the nude.

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