Two Wheels Bad

Today’s Flash! Friday prompt is to write 140-160 words based on this photo…

Bonnie's Car 

They rounded a corner too quickly, the money-bags slid to one side of the car, and the wheels came suddenly off their getaway plan.

Clyde got out and ran, but Bonnie was trapped by her seat-belt, which she always wore because that was the law.

A crowd gathered, as is customary at such an occurrence, the chance to poke fun at a lady driver. They informed her that driving was easier if you sat behind the steering-wheel, and Bonnie had no choice but to smile sweetly at them, having left her machine-gun in the trunk.

They all turned as the town policeman approached. Bonnie agreed with him that yes, driving was probably easier if you sat behind the steering-wheel, and he winked at her and went to call a tow-truck.

She had gotten away with it.

She wasn’t to know that the false number plate had slipped, and that he was in fact ringing for back-up.


The picture is a Public Domain photo entitled “Car Wreck, ca 1920”


2 thoughts on “Two Wheels Bad

  1. prenin

    Oh wow! 🙂

    Sounds like it could have happened! 🙂

    I remember they got shot to pieces in an ambush, but hadn’t heard of this story!!! 🙂

    God Bless!



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