Turning Turtle

Tiger and Turtle

Many things come about by mistake. The blow-torch, for example, was accidentally created by a very bad man trying to invent a flex-free hair-dryer.

Sorry, that should read a very bald man.

Six-year old Timmy was awaiting his turn at the top of the roller-coaster when he dropped his pet turtle. Those worried about Timmy’s happiness will be pleased to hear that his parents bought him an identical-looking turtle, since there is no other sort, and that Timmy is both content and gone from this story.

Like buttered toast, though, the turtle landed the wrong way up, but his screams of terror became squeals of joy as his built-in luge grabbed velocity by the reins and rode it as far as the wheel, where it whizzed him around and he catapulted into space, like a meteor breaking free of its orbit.

He bounced, rolled down the grassy hill, and went gleefully straight back for another go.


The photo is a Public Domain Photo of Tiger and Turtle, Duisberg, Germany. It was the prompt for this week’s Flash! Friday competition, in which we’d to write 140 – 160 words, and mention either a tiger or a turtle …


2 thoughts on “Turning Turtle

  1. prenin

    Still chuckling! 🙂

    If you want to know why this is so amusing to me, read ‘Small Gods’ by Terry Pratchett! 🙂

    You won’t be disappointed!!! 🙂

    God Bless!



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