Past Imperfect

This was my entry for this week’s Flash! Friday competition, where we’d to write up to 160 words to the photo prompt…


Dragon's Foot

“Where’s the DeLorean?” asked Marty.

“I traded it in for an older car,” said Doc, “so we can go farther back in time.”

Marty stared wide-eyed at him, a reversal of their usual roles, then got in. They got the speed up to the required 88 miles an hour by driving down a very steep hill, then vanished.

They left the present behind, and the past took hold of their future.

Time travel causes sentences like that one.

They thought that their arrival had blown a hole in a tree, like a cartoon character going through a wall. They didn’t notice that they had just driven under a giant foot.

Sometime in the future they would come back and warn themselves of this, but they didn’t notice the sign that they would leave because they didn’t know that they would need it yet. Time travel causes sentences like that one too.

The sign read “Here Be Dragons”.


The photo is called Wanona Tree Road”, and is by the US’s National Parks Service.


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