Deep Thought

Monk by Shuco

His parachute was still wrapped around him.

The Glastonbury authorities allow concert-goers access to the giant stone circles, but the Stone Bedstead of King Arthur is off-limits. You don’t want people trampling on the bed of the Once and Future King, in case the “Future” part is actually true and he comes back really annoyed.

So they had put barbed-wire around it, but hadn’t reckoned on anyone arriving from above.

He hadn’t known that there was a tree so close to the bed. He had had to catch the large branch, flip around it and spin off like a gymnast leaving the parallel bars. He’d even done the little step forward that they do upon landing, trying to make it look like part of their routine.

Anyone seeing him now would have thought that his head was bowed in contemplation, but in fact he was simply waiting for it to stop spinning.


This was written for last week’s Flash! Friday 150-word competition, with the photo as the prompt.

The photo is called “Monk: Thailand” and is courtesy of Shuco.


One thought on “Deep Thought

  1. prenin

    Excellent piece Tin and off the wall as always! 🙂

    I had problems accessing your blog so I used the https: prefix to bypass the block.

    Looks like WordPress is having problems again.

    It also affected Noeleen’s site and my own, but I got access back about lunch time.

    If it’s another problem with porn site blocking I’m not going to be a happy bunny.

    The people doing the blocking are remarkably incompetent… 😦

    God Bless!



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