Ok, I Need A Favour


This is the blog equivalent of a begging letter.

The 2013 Irish Blog Awards take place in October. I’ve been nominated in the Best Humour Blog Category (and a real thank-you to whoever nominated me) and this will be judged by, well, judges.

But I’ve also been nominated for the Best Blog Post, for this post, and this category works differently because there are so many entries. Anyone can vote, at this address http://www.blogawardsireland.com/category/best-blog-post-2/, the bottom five are eliminated each week and the final ten will be judged by, well, judges.

Speccy has been asking for support for me on her blog, and while I feel a bit embarrassed doing it, I’d like to stay in for as long as possible, so I’m asking for your support too. If you go to the link above, go right down to the end of the page (damn you, alphabetical order) and find Worth Doing Badly, you just clink in the little button beside it and then press “vote”. You can vote once each week.

Please don’t do this if (a) you think the post is rubbish, (b) you don’t agree with competitions or (c) you don’t care in the least about my feelings.

So, no pressure.


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