Upstairs Downstairs

People who have been reading this blog for a long time (I mean you’ve read a lot of posts, not that you’re slow readers) will be familiar with this picture:

Our house

Which is of the Tinhouse. People who have been reading this week, and have been paying attention, will have read this sentence in the recent Step by Step post:

Indeed I’d done 681 before I’d even left the house, which is what happens when you run downstairs, put the kettle on, run back up to bring your clothes into the bathroom, go back down to make your tea, go up and have your shower….

There are four references there to our stairs and, as you can see, we live in a bungalow.

What’s going on here? Is Tinman deluded, thinking he leaves in a bigger house than he does? Or do the Tinfamily live in a house like the Tardis, bigger on the inside than on the out?

Or perhaps there’s a Tincave beneath the house from which Tinman fights crime, where he parks the Tinmobile (well, not that bit, obviously, you can see it in the driveway), his Tinsuit and his valuable array of Gizmos, including his Tin-Utility-Belt (it contains all utilities, including light (a torch), communications (a mobile phone and gas (a tin of beans), his Tin-Metal-Detector (it doesn‘t work, it just keeps pointing at him), and, in case of emergency, his Tin Whistle.

In fact, the answer is quite simple. When you enter our house you are in a hallway, surrounded by the bedrooms. The sitting-room is in front of you, and because our street was built on a hill there are three steps down into it.

Walking up these three steps is known in the Tinhouse as “going upstairs”.

This is a cause for much merriment among my friends. Whenever I say things like “I went up to bed” they say “what, in your bungalow?”. And it is not only me. I have heard Tingirl on the phone saying “no, it’s upstairs, I’ll go and get it” and then saying “we do so have an upstairs. Yes we do, stop laughing”. I’ve asked the Tinsons, and the same thing happens to them.

That’s all for today, then. I’m going to close my laptop now, and charge it in my bedroom.


6 thoughts on “Upstairs Downstairs

  1. speccy

    Our family home was like that, but in reverse- we went downstairs to the bedrooms and bathroom- upstairs to the kitchen and living room. Made perfect sense to us too 🙂

  2. viv blake

    No problem that I can see. We have friends who live in an old French houses which have been somewhat haphazardly joined together. The result is a staircase in the living room and another in the kitchen. Upstairs, to get from one bedroom to another, you have to go downstairs, walk through the house, and go up another lot of stairs. I prefer your kind of upstairs!

  3. prenin

    I live in a one bedroom flat on the first floor.

    To Americans that means I live on the ground floor, so when I mention climbing the bloody stairs they get confused!!! 🙂

    When will Americans ever learn English??? ?:

    Love the Tinhouse though!

    VERY nice! 🙂

    God Bless dude!


  4. mairedubhtx

    If you climb stairs, no matter how many, you are going “upstairs.” They are your stairs and you can go up them (or down them) if you wish. There don’t have to be ten of them. Three is fine.


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