Pardon Me

You will have noticed that there was no post here this weekend.

This is not good enough. David Bowie might have a 10-year gap between his last album and this new one, Halley’s Comet might just turn up whenever it feels like it, Schubert might not even bother finishing his symphonies, but as a blogger with a worldwide readership (yes, there are only nine of you, but you are scattered all over the world) I should be more disciplined.

I feel that I should offer an excuse, or since I don’t have one I should offer you a selection from which you can select the one you like best.

  1. The dog ate my computer (start with an old reliable);
  2. I was invited out to dinner, in Hollywood, by Madonna;
  3. And (just in case Mrs Tin is reading this), had to spend the weekend composing a regretful refusal;
  4. Saturday was the Spring Equinox (that’s not an excuse, that’s just an interesting fact);
  5. And an incorrect one. I spent the weekend checking Wikipedia to see if that was true, and found out that the Spring Equinox was actually Thursday (when I didn’t have a post either);
  6. I was abducted by aliens who, although they could cross galaxies and could beam a person right out of his trousers and onto their spaceship, did not have Wi-Fi.
  7. I had to go and buy new trousers (see Excuse 6);
  8. I had to spend the weekend buying a dog, since otherwise Excuse 1 would not be plausible;
  9. I decided I would finish Schubert’s symphony for him, though since I don’t know how to write music I just stuck the last two lines of The Sun Has Got His Hat On onto the end of it.

In actual fact I spent the weekend in the West of Ireland, at the wedding of one of Mrs Tin’s cousins and had a great time with her extended family, meeting people we hadn’t met for years, staying up singing until four o’clock and celebrating the 100th anniversary of the 1913 Lock-out (sorry, that last bit’s a family joke).

And I brought my computer with me, so it, like me, has had a holiday away, so expect more posts in the coming week.

After all, we have no excuses left.

6 thoughts on “Pardon Me

  1. prenin

    Nice selection! 🙂

    I’m glad you had a great time with the family – that kind of thing is important! 🙂

    God Bless my friend!


  2. mairedubhtx

    The actual excuse is a good one. Family gatherings are always a good time and provide fuel for future writing, don’t you know? There are probably some gems of future posts tucked away in brain now.


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